How can I order a tailormade F!TZ pattern?

First we discuss your ideas and wishes.
If you want to order a tailormade F!TZ pattern, the following steps take place:

1 Offering
You recieve an offering including a possible delivery date. Time of delivery depends on your wishes and the available time. It also refers to the terms and conditions.

2 Confirmation
The order wil be confirmed to you by e-mail or letter, including the price and delivery date we agreed upon.

3 Taking measures
For drawing a tailormade pattern your body measures must be taken. An appointment will be made to take the measures. If it is not possible for you to visit F!TZ a measurementform can be send to you, including an instruction how the measures must be taken. Never take your measures yourself! Always ask someone to do it for you.

4 Delivery
According our agreement you wil get an invoice. After receiving your payment the pattern will be made and send to you within several days.