Who or what is F!TZ?

F!TZ is deducted from "it fits". F!TZ represents clothes that fit well.
You stil have to make them yourself, but your tailormade pattern is drawn by F!TZ.
Allmost anything is possible. A combination of different parts of fashion you like or your own design. Even if your size is not regular you still can make clothes that fits. F!TZ can make your own pattern.
Every pattern is drawn by hand, so ask me what I can do for you.

I am Petra Berende. After finishing the ENSAID fashionschool I started my own company.
As coupeuse I specialized myself in drawing patterns. I founded F!TZ in August 2000. F!TZ is based in the Netherlands and is registerd by the Chamber of Commerce at Alkmaar, registration number 37091847.
Besides drawing patterns I give fashion workshops for small groups in my studio in Heiloo (Netherlands).

If you want to know more about F!TZ and what I can do for you, please contact me.

More about F!TZ:
  • Libelle, September 2004 (weekly magazine for women).
  • Uitkijkpost , April 2004 (weekly paper for Heiloo)
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