Terms and conditions of F!TZ

  1. These terms and conditions are applicable to all agreements with F!TZ, unless otherwhise is agreed upon in writing.
  2. F!TZ allways makes an offer without any engagement.
  3. An order can allways be changed, even after it has been delivered. Additional costs for the changes to be made will be charged to the client.
  4. If an order is completely or partly cancelled by the client any costs made so far will be charged to the client.
  5. Any client information suppied to F!TZ will be confidential.
  6. The order wil be carefully excecuted by F!TZ. Delivery will be as degreed upon in the offer. F!TZ can not be held responsible for any delay due to circumstances out of her control.
  7. The package will be deliverd after the invoice has been paid. Confirmation of your payment will be enclosed in the package.
  8. Costs of transportation and delivery of materials needed for the excecution of the order will always be charged to the client.
  9. F!TZ can't be held responsible for any damage as a result of failures in the product delivered by F!TZ unless it is due to deliberate mall practice. In case of liability of F!TZ a new pattern will be made and send to the client without any costs.
  10. If F!TZ cannot execute the order due to any circumstances not within her control, F!TZ can deside to cancel the order.
  11. The client will be held responsible for checking the delivery. Any complaints should be made within 14 days after receiving the delivery from F!TZ.